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  • Hi, it would be awesome if you could add me to your Wartortle Safari. My FC is 3308-4548-1261. Thank you in advance :)
    Hello, could you help me to hatch a shinny pokemon? I have a egg SV is 2189 My FC is 1349-4845-1245, Num♂F. Thank you!=w=
    Look, I know that we don't know each other, but, can you add my Friend Code??
    it's 5086-2047-0566. Pokémons: Nosepess, Onix, Ryhorn! I really what your FC's pokemons.
    Where are you from??? I from Brazil (-3)
    Sorry for my English, if I wrote something wrong.
    Hi I was wondering if you could hatch an egg for me, it would be awesome if you could help out! My fc is 2380 3845 7936
    Hey! Can you hatch an egg for me? My FC is 4356 0632 2751 and my IGN is TheChaosEcho I will have you added, and you just add me whenever :) Thanks!!
    Hello~ could u pls help me hatch an egg with ur SV? I can give u chanseys with 3 egg moves in return~ FC 0473-7813-7616 IGN victor thx in advance!
    Sure, however, I don't have a lot of free time.. Will add you ASAP ;)
    Thank u so much~
    Hey I have an egg that matches your shiny ID could you hatch it for me? (2189 is the shiny ID) No nickname is fine.
    Sure, however, don't expect it to be done soon. I don't have a lot of free time..
    Hi! I sent you a similar message on reddit. I have an egg I would like hatched that requires shiny value 2189. My friend code is 5155-2983-5069. I have already added you.
    I would like it nicknamed Shiva when it hatches. Thanks ^_^
    Hello Could you help me hatch egg to be shiny my friend code is 0130-2114-3429
    Sure, no problem ;) I've added you, PM me when you see me online!
    Wow, you ordered it just now? I got mine on the relase date ;) I didn't think I would, since I ordered it on a cheap place with free shipping, so it was suppose to take 3-5 days but still got it on the relase date :D Pretty happy today, because last week my brother got diagnosed cancer, but today the doctors told us that the cancer haven't spread, which they thought yesterday but now several expert have been checking the computer tomography pics and they agreed there are no signs of that. :)
    Well, I have hardly been on here, with school orientation and all :P Yesterday we had the grand finale, and pretty sure I did something a bit bad :P We had various missions that our team was gonna do, and one of them was running naked in the school xD I didn't think it was a big deal, but apperently I'm the first girl who have done it, so maybe that was a mistake xD
    Yeah, some sellers I have to contact after several days because they haven't contact me about payment (many sellers don't use paypal, bank transfer is more common). And then I had some slow buyer who took 7 week to pay, and she didn't have a working email-adress >_>
    I hope so :P Usually the first weeks are pretty lazy thought, so yeah.. hopefully will be fine :) Gaah, I am so mad right now at slow people on tradera (Swedish Ebay)!! There's like to many of them! >_> xD
    Aw, but I'm sure you will start playing at some point :P Sounds cool, but maybe complicated :P I will start studying this autumn (information systems), I am a bit nervous thought as I haven't studied for a while.
    It can be positive, but at that time it was probably more annoying xD

    Haha, prooobably not! I'm not looking forward to buy ink to my own printer at all =/

    Well, I playing Black 2, mostly PWT right now :) I'm really waiting for the english release thought, as I'm planning to fill the pokedex for the right time in my life in that game xD
    Hi, I'm fine except I feeling a bit funny :P Yep yep, Uppsala is my city :) Sorry for late answer, was really late when I saw you PM and then I forgot to answer ;__;
    no there isn't a guide

    basically you just aim to hit a certain time, imagine it's like Method K but with 60 frames per second advancing the RNG. Hozu's done a lot of abuses on retail carts as of late (in gen 3).

    Reporter will have a Method H searcher soon. There's 3 method H's for Method 1/2/4. We can't predict which method you'll get because of the vBlanks, but at least we have a way to see the exact frame you hit.

    Pick the most common method you get and try to hit the time reporter says.


    As for the CuteCharm abuse, the next version will have support for spread searching, and all Method J/K Pokemon will act like Method 1 Pokemon (but not method 1).

    Hit a seed, hit a spread, ez
    hell yeah

    was figured out a while ago, but it was recently implemented into RNG Reporter. We also got "CuteCharm" abuse which is an entirely different PID method. 16/75 chance for a shiny if you have the right IDs, and you can get different PID/IVs (new legal spreads like sassy flawless, etc)
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